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Thwacker #001-2024

  • Thwacker #001-2024
  • Thwacker #001-2024
  • Thwacker #001-2024
  • Thwacker #001-2024

This is a novelty item. No actual thwacking is intended.

Brass head and butt. Swirly satin with an antique finish. (the patina will change with time and handling) The handle is Ironwood, Elforyn (Ivory substitute) and black micarta that has been finished with Danish Oil. Assembled with a steel threaded rod. Threads have been permanently secured with epoxy.

8.9 oz total weight
4.25 oz brass head weight
7.75 inches long
1.23 inch head diameter
0.89 inch handle diameter (at widest)
0.785 inch handle diameter (middle of Ironwood)

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